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Art 1001 - (2 Fig 365 C Parthenon Frieze Poseidon Apollo...

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Art 1001-1 Lecture notes 4/7/08 Sculpture -Traditional sculpture methods -Subtractive: stone, wood, ivory -Additive: clay, bronze, plaster, wax -both use one single material 1) Subtractive a) Ancient origins b) You start with one large block and you take away pieces to make the images c) Fig 344, Woman of Willendorf; 25,000-20,000BC, stone d) Fig 359, King Mycerinus and Queen Khamerernebty; 2530 BC; Schist (stone) e) Fig 68, Qennefer Steward of the Palace, 1450 BC, Granite f) Fig 363, Kouros, 600BC, Marble i) Unlike the ones above it, this statue is not connected to a larger block of stone, to prevent breaking g) Three time period of Greek sculpture i) Archaic (old) ii) Classical (Contrapasto) (1) Fig 364, Spear Bearer (a) Roman copy of the Greek bronze original (b) Figure stands in contropasto
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Unformatted text preview: (2) Fig 365 C, Parthenon Frieze:, Poseidon, Apollo, and Artimus (3) Fig 367, Venus de Medici iii) Hellenistic (1) Fig 368, Agesander, Athenodorus and Polydoris of Rhodes, The Lacoon Group , 1 st century AD, Marble (a) Story from the Trojan war h) Roman Culture i) Female portrait, 54-117 AD, Roman, Stone ii) Unlike the Greeks, the Romans did not idolize people, they just left the figure at is iii) Romans will make busts, unlike the Greeks who made whole people iv) Fig 375, Head of Constantine, Fragment of colossal statue, 312 AD i) Gothic i) Not thinking about this life, but the after life ii) No nude figures iii) Figures are like those in the archaic period (1) In terms of the rigidity, and abstractness...
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Art 1001 - (2 Fig 365 C Parthenon Frieze Poseidon Apollo...

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