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Book Review - Ryan Vandersloot Magic Bullets and Wonder...

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Ryan Vandersloot Magic Bullets and Wonder Pills 3/1/08 Macho Medicine for the Macho Man In Macho Medicine: A History of the Anabolic Steroid Epidemic , William N. Taylor, M.D. takes the reader through the history, effects, clinical trials, uses, laws, treatments, and problems regarding anabolic steroids in the United States. Taylor summarizes his decade of research, which ultimately leads to his goal of getting the government to reclassify steroids as a dangerous narcotic under the federal law. Taylor organizes the book in generally a chronological fashion starting from the ‘original’ steroid use to the discovery and synthesis of testosterone to the government attempts to squash steroids all the way through the use and abuse of steroids by professional athletes, doctors, scientists, high school boys and girls, and even the amateur bodybuilder. Taylor refers to numerous medical books and journals including the New England Journal of Medicine , the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology , various documents directly from the U.S. Government Printing Office, and ideas and conclusions from his own research. The first form of steroid use is found in ancient and primitive societies in which human and animal organs were used to treat diseases. Organotherapy, which this type of medicine is called, was prevalent in the Medieval and Dark Ages but has since been cast down although certain aspects remain including the use of glandular extracts for the treatment of diseases and the practice of hypertransfusion of red blood cells, or blood doping. Anatomist John Hunter, attempting to see if implanting testicles into hens emasculated them, Arnold Adolph Berthold, who did similar things, and Charles Brown-Sequard, who confirmed the effects of rejuvenation through self-experimentation, did early work with regards to testosterone. However, the first of the hormone hunters, people who spent years and years on hormone research to prove the
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existence of male and female hormones in the reproductive organs, Professor Fred C. Koch and a
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Book Review - Ryan Vandersloot Magic Bullets and Wonder...

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