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lab1 - disc and conc - draining into the Erlenmeyer flask...

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Results and Discussions Buret: Average density = 1.052 g/ml + or - .01 Mohr Pipet: Average density = 1.053 g/ml + or - .004 Volumetric Pipet: Average density = 1.055 g/ml + or - .005 Volumetric Flask: Average density = 1.052 g/ml + or - .005 The density and standard deviation calculations display both accurate and precise results of the egg floating experiment. The results from the standard deviation calculations were considerably low. The average densities only differed in the hundredths place proving precise measurements. 1) The average density of the solution is 1.053 g/ml. 2) The two solutions share the same density, however, that does not justify them to be molecular matches. They both may have different reactions when combined with animal fat. 3) Question could not be answered because only one egg was used in the experiment. 4) Every volumetric tool would leave a small amount of solution behind after
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Unformatted text preview: draining into the Erlenmeyer flask which would contribute to error. Also, some require quick reaction times to stop them on the appropriate line. 5) The mass of the contained solution should be used because it is inevitable that some of the solution will be left behind. Conclusion The purpose of this experiment was to determine the density in g/ml of a solution that will just float an egg. The design of the glassware did not play a significant role when calculating the density of the solution. Errors in the experiment could have come from not stopping the solution exactly at the line indicating 25 ml. Error could have also come from not completely drying the Erlenmeyer flask or the volumetric glassware completely between trials. The results of standard deviation and the low range between the densities show the experiment was a success....
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