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Zach Kmieciak Prof. Paul Chem. 112 – Lab Wed 8AM 6 September 2006 Floating Egg Introduction: Float an egg using SaCl and H20. Then measure the mass of 25 mL of solution using 4 different types of volumetric glassware and determine the density of the egg using the formula d=m/v. Procedure: 1) Pour about 1500 mL of water into a beaker. 2) Place egg in the beaker and add enough NaCl to make egg float just below the surface of the water. 3) Using the volumetric flask to measure out 25 mL of the solution. 4) Weigh the solution in a pre-weighed beaker. 5) Subtract the weight of the beaker from total weight of beaker and solution to get the mass of the solution. 6) Find the density of the solution using d=m/v. Record 7) Repeat steps 3-6 with buret, Mohr pipet, and volumetric pipet. Result and Calculation: Flask weighs 75.15 grams. Volume is 25 mL. Buret M1 = 101.21 g Mohr pipet M2 = 101.08 g Volumetric pipet M3 = 101.56 g Volumetric flask M4 = 102.00 g Subtract mass of flask (75.15 g) from results.
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M1 = 26.06 g M2 = 25.93 g M3 = 26.41 g M4 = 26.85 g Use formula d=m/v to find the density of each solution. V = 25 mL
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Lab1 - Zach Kmieciak Prof Paul Chem 112 Lab Wed 8AM 6...

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