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zach alexie response - choice other then failure. The...

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Zach Kmieciak Ms. Boyer English 160 #11818 6, September 2006 Escape from the Paragraph of Life Literacy to Alexie was much more than just a tool to learn and enjoy. He escaped from his life on the reservation. Alexie was expected to fail miserably because he is an Indian; however through his reading he was able to surpass his expectations. Through his books he was free from everything that he did not want to become. Arrogance led him become something more than expected and led him to his freedom from the reservation. Alexie uses his reading as an escape, however he uses his writing as a way to connect the rest of the world to the life he had. It tries to teach everyone of the life he had. Inside the reservation Alexie uses his knowledge to make an escape for the rest of the children on the reservation. He writes in hope to show the children that there is a
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Unformatted text preview: choice other then failure. The children also learn poetry from Alexie. He teaches how to write poetry, short stories, and novels to children. Alexie feels it is important because he was deprived from poetry and creative writings while in the reservation classrooms. In teaching these to the children he hopes to give them a passage to the escape that he had. In the course of his reading and writing, Alexie has created an identity all his own. The knowledge he gained was through his reading and writing. He gained his arrogance by proving teachers that he could succeed. Not only did he prove to his teachers that he could succeed, but he also showed to the Indian community that everyone inside the reservation could be successful. Without the influence of the reading and writing he wouldnt have been able to become as successful or inspirational....
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zach alexie response - choice other then failure. The...

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