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lab Conclusion - Dean’s 2 milk Error in our experiment...

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Questions 3) There would be 205 mg of calcium in 256 ml of milk. In relation to our experiment, the recommended amount of calcium is 30% of 205 mg, which is 61.5 mg of calcium. Conclusion For the most part, the experiment was a success. We completed our goal of finding the calcium content of Dean’s 2% milk. Our task was completed by standardizing EDTA to find the molarity, then the starting number of moles of EDTA, then titrating calcium to find the excess moles of EDTA. Through the experiment it was discovered that there are .8 mg of calcium for every 1 ml of
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Unformatted text preview: Dean’s 2% milk. Error in our experiment most likely came from either putting too much or too little calcium titrated the solution to standardize the EDTA. The success and failure of this experiment was determined by single drops of calcium. The calcium content of the milk found could be compared to 30% calcium of the average value intake of a 2000 calorie diet found in the nutritional facts on the label of the milk carton....
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