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Zach paper 4 - Kmieciak 1 Zachary Kmieciak Ms. Boyer...

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Kmieciak 1 Zachary Kmieciak Ms. Boyer English 160 – 11818 16 November, 2006 At the University of Illinois at Chicago campus eating is easy to come by, except for on the weekends at night. There were interviews done with residences of Commons West and Courtyard, and each interview had its own story of inconveniences and problems with eating on Saturday nights. This paper is addressed to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The problem is stated along with some solutions to the problem. Students are not safe off campus and need to be able to stay on campus to eat on the weekends. Within the last week the University has finally made “The Atrium” open late on Saturdays. However that is just a temporary solution. The problem will not just be fixed by itself, and it needs to be solved right away. TO: Linda Deanna, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs FROM: Zachary Kmieciak, Student DATE: November 27, 2006 SUBJECT: Late Night Eating on Campus Solution to Campus Eating On weekends many different students at The University of Illinois at Chicago are trapped on campus without a place to eat. The only way for students to get food is to go off campus. They then need to go off of a safe campus and onto unsafe roads. Off campus, the students face dangers from other people. UIC needs to be responsible and take matters into their own hands. If UIC does not try any solutions, then the University’s reputation will deteriorate. Students currently face problems with snacking
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Kmieciak 2 on the weekend. For many students, Saturday nights at the dorms consist of relaxing from a hard week of classes. Some students catch up on sleep while other catch up on studying. While relaxing, students work up appetites and look for something quick to eat. Unless students have a food stash somewhere in their room, they are not going to find anything on campus to eat. The SCE cafeteria is closed at 8 PM while “The Atrium”
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Zach paper 4 - Kmieciak 1 Zachary Kmieciak Ms. Boyer...

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