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Zachary Kmieciak Ms. Pilat English 14446 1/18/2007 A paradox is a statement that seems to contradict itself however it seems to be true. Within a few months there are some 82 breadlines operating in NYC – 2 more than in Philadelphia, the nation’s third largest city. - Statistic shows that NYC could possibly be one of the poorest cities. - How has NYC become so poor? What is other cities doing that helps out financially? Well, no one ever said that the United States is not a land of stark contrasts and paradoxes. - United States is fun of things that don’t quite make sense - Some things work in the United States that really shouldn’t. - What are these things that are paradoxes in the US? He finally approved a congressional appropriation of twenty million dollars to feed
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Unformatted text preview: livestock starving in the southwestern drought, he stood firm against demands for funds to feed the farmers as well.-This is a paradox. It doesn’t make sense to feed cattle and not to feed someone who takes care of the cattle-How well did this work out if you don’t feed the people. “The only thing that apparently inspires the Red Cross to extend assistance is a conflagration, flood, pestilence, and war. It doesn’t make any difference to them how many people die of starvation, how many children suffer from malnutrition or how many women are weakened.”-Paradox. Red Cross won’t help because it isn’t an act of God. However this is also an emergency-Why wouldn’t the Red Cross help some areas right away?...
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