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Analytically cooking - used Two Binaries 1 It is hard to find a binary in the essay However maybe at first how food is being compared to social at

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Zachary Kmieciak Ms. Pilat English – 161 #14446 2/1/2007 Analytically cooking Part 1 – Social, sociology, sociologists x 23 Part 2 – Anthropology x 5 Social connects to anthropology because they are sciences that are being compared to food. They have things in common without food and still connect with food. Part 3 – Comparing food to having a social life. Part 4 – Two Repetitions: 1) Sociology of Foods. Two Strands: 1) Culinary investigations have been the province of anthropologists who most routinely stress the importance of food in the construction of social systems. 2) Anthropologists focus on the interaction of cultures within a national context and the social context in which particular culinary products are
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Unformatted text preview: used. Two Binaries: 1) It is hard to find a binary in the essay. However maybe at first how food is being compared to social at first. Part 5 – Strand 2. Food is shown as a social experience. Not only sociologists notice this but also anthropologists. In restaurants people eat food because of having a social experience as well as having a feeling of hunger. Other than restaurants there are other times that people use a time of food as a social experience as well. We have ice-cream socials and other parties that are based on food. Through anthropology and sociology we can see the connections....
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