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richard 4 response - This draws the attention in to have...

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Richard Little Mrs. Boyer English 160 11726 November 9, 2006 Mmmmm McDonalds fries relate to the point that Shlosser tries to make because McDonalds fries are the prime example of fake food. McDonalds fries are made mostly of preservatives and additives to make the fries taste like actual fries. Shlosser is quite ingenious using McDonalds fries as his primary example because McDonalds fries are something the majority of the readers have personally experience the taste of. Having experienced the taste of McDonalds fries the reader is instantly interested in what Shlosser has to say. The way Shlosser describes the way we taste and the way foods are flavored makes the reader realize the truths behind the taste of McDonalds. The title of the essay also provides the reader with a sense of what the essay is going to explain.
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Unformatted text preview: This draws the attention in to have the reader interested enough to actually read the essay. Once interested the reader now starts to realize what the actual essay is about which allows Shlosser to state his point. I believe that he chose to use McDonalds brand French fries because he knew that the reader would almost certainly relate. Knowing that most Americans have once had a McDonalds French fry he used that instead of some off brand or another less known major restaurant. Lets say he decided to use Wendy’s French fries instead, Wendy’s compared to McDonalds is still relatively new and much less advertised. By using McDonalds brand French fries he used an item that the reader and most of America would be able to relate to and thus make the reader more interested and prone to take the essay to heart....
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richard 4 response - This draws the attention in to have...

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