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Chapter-4 outline - term: Hybridization : *term: Electron...

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*Ionic bond metals => cations (size) nonmetals => anions (size) Energy diagram: energy <=> stability term: Lattice energy Covalent Bond Lewis dot structures element ion compound *OWL––“Drawing Lewis Structures” for compounds term: Resonance term: Electronegativity term: polar bond; dipole Will every molecule with polar bonds be polar? VSEPR model: Electron density around an atom => maximum separation
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Unformatted text preview: term: Hybridization : *term: Electron geometry linear; trigonal planar; tetrahedral; trigonal bipyramidal; octahedral Hybridization associated with an electron geometry term: Molecular geometry linear; trigonal planar (bent); tetrahedral (trigonal pyramidal; bent); trigonal bipyramidal (seesaw, T-shaped, linear); octahedral (square pyramidal, square planar) term: Sigma Bond picture term: Pi Bond:...
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