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Chapter 6 Outline Chemical equations ( Read as particles) Note: states of matter (s) (l) (g) (aq) Aqueous solns Solubility rules (OWL list posted on elms-BB, consistent with text table 6.1 p 241) (OWL list posted on elms-BB, consistent with text table 6.2 p 246, + naming) Balancing (OWL instructions posted on elms-BB) terms electrolyte non electrolyte solution, solvent, solute molecular equation => total ionic equation => net ionic equation (spectator ion)
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Unformatted text preview: Acid base neutralization Precipitation reactions Relate equation coefficients to laboratory measurements Define mole equalities to know 1 mol = (amu particle mass) grams = 6.022 x 10 23 = Avogadros Number Molar mass Percent element in compound Empirical formula Molecular formula Given percent composition, determine empirical formula With empirical formula and molar mass, determine molecular formula Molarity Definition Dilution...
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