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Ch 5 outline - amines intermolecular forces amino acid...

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Exam 3 Memory work text or blackboard “elms” Table 5.2 p 182 Prefixes for number of C’s Ch 5 OWL organic Table 5.5 p 212 Organic compound summary Table 6.1 p 241 Solubility Rules (text-error Mercury (I) sulfate is insoluble) Ch 6 OWL solubility rules Table 6.2 p 246 Strong acids & Strong bases Ch 6 OWL acids - bases note : OWL term “constitutional isomer” = structural isomer Chapter 5 overview (underlined = terms to be learned) Hydrocarbons : C + H aliphatic (hydrocarbon with no benzene ring) aromatic (hydrocarbon with benzene ring) saturated ( all single bonds ): alkanes cycloalkanes exhibits cis – trans isomerism unsaturated (has double or triple bond ): alkenes ( double bond ) exhibits cis – trans isomerism alkynes ( triple bond ) functional groups : (dominates chemistry of hydrocarbon molecule) alcohol (ether ) aldehyde (contain carbonyl C=O) acids
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Unformatted text preview: ) amines intermolecular forces amino acid polymers Saturated Aliphatic hydrocarbons alkanes ( Molecular geometry) Drawing Naming (“Number-of-carbon” prefixes) Procedure (p 184) Alkyl (substituent) shorthand “R” = alkyl Cycloalkanes (p 186) Unsaturated Aliphatic hydrocarbons alkenes : ( Molecular geometry) cis – trans isomerism alkynes : ( Molecular geometry) Aromatic Hydrocarbons benzene Structure (resonance) Intermolecular forces induced dipole dipole H-bond Hydrocarbon Physical properties boiling point solubility Hydrocarbon Reactions combustion substitution addition Alcohols & ethers Physical properties Aldehyde & Ketone ( carbonyl group) Reactions Acids Physical properties Reactions Acid – base Substitution Ester Amides Amines Amino acid Peptide linkage Polymers addition condensation...
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Ch 5 outline - amines intermolecular forces amino acid...

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