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CH11 LeChatlier

CH11 LeChatlier - Forward Reverse 2 Temperature Increase T...

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LeChatelier's Principle:  Summary  A change in any of the factors that determine the equilibrium conditions of  a system will cause the system to change in such a manner as to reduce or  counteract the effect of the change.   Factors Change Consider Direction to reach Equilibrium 1. Concentration  Increase Reactant  Increase Product
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Unformatted text preview: Forward Reverse 2. Temperature Increase T ∆ H > 0 ∆ H < 0 Forward Reverse 3. Volume Increase V (P decreases) ∆ n gas > 0 ∆ n gas < 0 ∆ n gas = 0 Forward Reverse No effect If you reverse any of the Changes above, the Direction to reach Equilibrium reverses....
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