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Ch11 HW-9 outline - define x o express equilibrium...

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HW 9 Chapter 11 Equilibrium Dynamic equilibrium: Rate forward = Rate reverse; For: aA +bB = cC + dD; Q (reaction quotient) = [C] c [D] d = K for equilibrium [A] a [B] b concentrations K p c Writing K for a given equation (homogeneous vs heterogeneous) K’s for related equations: Reverse equation Double coefficients: Series of equations: Solving for equilibrium concentrations write K expression use ICE chart o
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Unformatted text preview: define x o express equilibrium concentrations using x o substitute in K expression • solve for x • Determine equilibrium concentrations LeChatlier’s principle Concentration changes P changes T changes Solubility equilibria Define K sp Common ion effect (use Le Chatlier) Bronsted theory of acids/bases (term: conjugate pairs) Weak acids, bases Define K a pH scale (pOH)...
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