3_25_2008 - • Research and spirituality o Researchers do...

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3/25/2008 Spirituality o The heart of stress management o Characterized by Balance and health Purpose and sense of meaning in life Not being defeated by crises. o Buffers Stress o Relaxation is part of spiritual healing o Peace is an outcome of spiritual health The spiritual quest o Search for fulfillment and a meaningful life Self-discovery Tired of seeking pleasure through material gain Cannot buy enough to bring peace o Incorporates body, mind, and spirit Spirituality and Religiosity Spirituality o A way of giving meaning to existence o A process and a journey o Goes beyond religious affiliation Religiosity o Extent of participation in or adherence to the beliefs of an organized religion
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Unformatted text preview: • Research and spirituality o Researchers do not always agree on the definitions of spiritual terms o The placebo effect may hinder spirituality research. o Do the benefits come from a higher power, or are they related to variables such as social support or healthier lifestyle choices? • Five qualities of spiritual health o A sense of peace, meaning, and purpose o Faith in god or a higher power o A feeling of connection to others o Compassion for others • Forgiveness • altruism o participation in religious behaviors or meaningful spiritual rituals • prayer • spending time in natureh...
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3_25_2008 - • Research and spirituality o Researchers do...

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