02_21_08 - • Overwhelming needs • Cognitive Techniques...

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02/21/2008 Thinking and choosing o Thoughts Shape the events and circumstances of life Relieve stress Result in extraordinary life changes o Cognitive techniques Cognitive Distortions o All-or-nothings thinking o Personalizing Assuming responsibility for things that are out of your control o Discounting the positive o Assuming the worst o Cognitive therapy o Relearning thought processes as a way to Alter negative emotions Increase self-esteem Gain hope for the future Thinking errors o Common, inaccurate , and irrational ideas o Beliefs and conditioned responses
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Absolute statements Unqualified demands
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Unformatted text preview: • Overwhelming needs • Cognitive Techniques That Help Overcome Distorted thinking o Positive self-talk o Thought Stopping • Outcome is learned optimism o Power Language o Going with the flow • Underlying Theories and Techniques o Conditioned Response- When things happen in our environment we are programmed to behave in a certain way o Choice- Puts us in control of how a situation will affect us o Levels of responding • Effective response- Leads to feelings associated with relaxation • Ineffective response- leads to feelings associated with stress...
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02_21_08 - • Overwhelming needs • Cognitive Techniques...

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