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02_19_2008 - because everyone knows that everyone is lying...

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02/19/2008 Right motive- comes from a good will.(good intention) o A rational will Avoiding a contradiction o Test developed to double check rational- called- Categorical Imperative 1. Act only on that maxim through which you can will that it should become a universal law. (before any decisions are made, ask what would happen if everyone made this action/decision) If it passes one can do it, if not, don’t… I. A) Never do anything the universal doing of which makes it impossible for you to do. II. B) Never do anything which makes it Inconsistent with the laws of nature (e.g.) What if everyone was a liar? Would it be possible for me to lie? No
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Unformatted text preview: because everyone knows that everyone is lying, so no one will ever be deceived. 2. (don’t use others as a means to achieve your goal, use others as a end) o • Hypothetical Imperative- tied up with certain purpose, end, goal, etc… • Is CI1 a necessary condition, or a sufficient condition for moral obligation? • Necessary conditions-If X is a necessary condition for Y then if not X then not Y. • Sufficient conditions- If X is a sufficient condition for Y, then X is for Y. • Left Shoe example-...
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