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Grading_Rubric_for_Essay_2 - Grading Rubric for Essay 2 1...

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Grading Rubric for Essay # 2 1. Here is the question: Theodore Roosevelt’s 1907 Message to Congress (“There must be a look ahead,” C and C, pp. 96-99) calls for “planned and orderly development of our (nation’s natural) resources.” Roosevelt presents a positive and optimistic portrait of government’s ability to manage natural systems for economic benefit and long-term preservation. Since then, we have learned that environmental protection is not easy. For example, Theodore Lowi, writing in 1979 (pp. 291-299), talks about the “frenzy of government activity” that is not necessarily linked to actual beneficial environmental outcomes, but only amounts to “process.” In this context, please discuss benefit-cost analysis and environmental protection. First explain what benefit-cost analysis is. Then explain why and when it is used in environmental regulation. Next, describe at least three of the problems one encounters when using benefit-cost analysis to evaluate projects with substantial environmental impacts. For each of the problems, describe one or more approaches to solving it. In your conclusion, please comment on the extent to which you believe that benefit- cost analysis as applied to the environment is helping us realize Roosevelt’s vision or is simply contributing to “process.” Notes: - Please make references to lectures and assigned readings. Here’s an example: (Goodstein, p. XX). - Please submit between 5 and 7 pages. - Please submit only .doc or .rtf documents. - Although this essay focuses on lectures and readings between January 23 and February 8, it is OK to reference earlier lectures and readings. 2. We are again grading out of 100 points. 3. Please have this round of grading done in 9 days, by Sunday night February 17. 4. Please take the same numbers in the grade sheet as last time. 5. Again, aim for an average score around 75-78. 6. Please provide lots of good, actionable comments so the students can improve and resubmit their papers. Please don’t use “Track Changes” because all they have to do is accept all the changes and the work is done for them (and your hard work is unraveled). Instead use colored fonts or colored backgrounds so that the students have to make the actual changes themselves.
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7. As soon as you come across a .docx or .wps, please contact Nick immediately so we can contact the student and get a gradable paper to you.
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Grading_Rubric_for_Essay_2 - Grading Rubric for Essay 2 1...

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