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The New Student Movement Featherstone’s “The New Student Movement” shows more than just active college students caring about their local and global community. It showcases how views of what can be accomplished by everyday college students. In the case of Penn State although students accrued much negativism such as the mocking, the students involved in the protest against sweatshop labor did not give up. All it took was an eight day sit in to bring about part of their goal, having their school withdrawal from the FLA. Overall though, there story and the others featured in the article do not seem atypical. By looking on the campus quad by the union, almost daily one sees usually at the very least present a handful of booths of collegiate activists right there.
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Unformatted text preview: The Penn State students, instead of having their university be a member of the FLA, wanted their school to be a member of the WRC which is like many other students at various universities. The WRC or Workers Rights Consortium is an organization independent of industry influence and is founded by students in close cooperation with scholars, activists, and workers’-rights organizations. Unlike the WRC, the FLA or Fair Labor Association allows the industry to choose its own monitors and does not include provisions for a living wage. I found it humorous that students were in some cases able to “put administrators on the defense.” This was show cased in the story of...
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