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Microtheme # 4 The parents of Christina want her to get married to her betrothed, Burthred. She wants to remain single forever so that she will remain pure and a virgin for Jesus. Her parent’s view was what was commonly expected which made Christina’s argument harder to win. Her parents tried many things to get her to marry him: gifts, bribes, promises, threats, cajoling, punishments, and flattery. After realizing their efforts were not working, they forced her to be watched so that she would not be able to speak to religious men; instead forcing her to talk and associate with people who were sinful in the ways of worldly pleasures. When those efforts still did not work, Christina’s father Autta went to plead with the priory of Huntingdon, imploring him to sway her to consummate her
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Unformatted text preview: marriage. Failing again, the bishop was consulted in the matter to determine a solution to the problem. Christina resists her parents by refusing all their early efforts. Forcing her to associate with sinners only strengthened her views as to her needing to remain pure. Later during her turn to talk to the priory, she actually changes his opinion of what she should do by explaining the intent of her actions. This helps her get what she wants. Growing up Catholic, this is not how I would expect a female saint to be portrayed. A lot has changed since a woman upholding her virginity was considered a miracle. Her outright refusal of her parents goes against the fundamental Christian ideal that you should listen and respect your parents....
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