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Microtheme 9 From her self-portrait, one can assume that Judith Leyster was proud of her artwork because of the content of the painting: a self portrait of her painting a self- portrait of a male. The male is centered to the right in the background and Judith Leyster is in the foreground, centered to the left. Her figure is taller in the foreground, suggesting some authority or dominance over her self-portrait’s male subject or over males in general. Illuminating her face and right brush hand, the painting suggests that although many would not value her talents because she is a woman Judith Leyster values them as the central defining point and role of her life. Clearly, she spent great detail upon her face, dress, and neck collar which are all in exquisite, fine detail. Judith Leyster’s painting of the two children with their pets equalizes the female
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Unformatted text preview: child to the male child by placing her in the foreground, directly looking at the audience. The coloration is limited, probably as a result of the limited mediums available. The facial and hand gestures the children make give the appearance of mischief or fun play, with the male child holding both a snake and a cat while his head is cocked to the left and his eyes are as if they were looking to the left. The little girl, whose finger is up as if possibly chiding the boy but while still smiling, looks directly at the paintings audience. Also the little girl by smiling and having her finger up could be chiding the audience for nor allowing her to be equal to the little boy or for not allowing her as a little girl to participate in all of the same mischief and merrymaking that the little boy gets to experience....
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