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Microtheme 2 In the medieval context, the equivalent of rape in the sense that we have today would be when a free born woman was forced to engage in sexual practices. Abduction is not entirely the same as rape because a woman could still be returned uncorrupted or not raped. Kidnapping would almost be more similar to abduction in most cases. If a maid servant was to be seduced by someone, the punishment would be a lot less than if she were a free born woman. Terming the crime “seduction” for maidservants leaves a lot of room for gray area in terms of if sexual acts were consensual. Compensation in Frankish law would be paid to the person such as a bridegroom or family of the sexually assaulted girl that has been wronged by the offense. The family that a maidservant works for would receive a lesser amount of reimbursement from an offending person. From 594, Legislation on Abduction states that if a man abducts and
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Unformatted text preview: therein perpetrates a dishonorable crime, the man who did this depending on the severity would be killed or exiled. Burgandian law however has a range of punishments depending on the extent of the sexual offense that range from repayment to the family of the women to allowing the family to do with the male whatever they saw fit. Compared to a lot of the other offenses possible, rape in the early medieval societies viewed it as a lesser crime than most crimes. The crimes that were more important to the people of this time period ranged from murder to adultery. One can tell that these were viewed more seriously by the drastic difference in the amount and the severity of the punishment for rape compared to that of other crimes. This leads me to believe that rape was not viewed as harshly within there society. Growing up in the United States, I feel most people today would group rape with the seriousness of murder....
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