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Unformatted text preview: 34 PART I AN INTRODUCTION TO LISTENINU Your HURIER Listening Profile Continued INTERPRETING EVALUATING RESPONDING 2 _ l _ 6 _, 12 _ 8 _ 9 __ l4 _ 22 _ l3 _._ 17 _ 23 __ 19 __ 21 _ 29 __ 26 _ 3O __ 34 _+_ 27 _ Total Total Total Let’s look at what this information tells you about your self-perceptions regarding your listening behavior. Transfer your totals for each component to the Total Points column below. Rank order each of the six components according to your totals. Total Points Rank COMPONENT 1: Hearing COMPONENT ll: Understanding COMPONENT III: Remembering COMPONENT IV: Interpreting COMPONENT V: Evaluating COMPONENT VI: Responding Use the following guide to assess each skill area: 25—30 points: you see yourself as an excellent listener 20—25 points: you believe you are a good listener 15—20 points: you consider your listening skills adequate 10—15 points: you perceive some problems in your listening behavior Now consider: In what skill area are you high? Which one do you see as a potential problem? How did your actual ranking compare with your earlier guess? Is there a particular component with a significantly different total—either much higher or much lower than the others? . How do you think someone else would rank your listening behaviors? Take the role of your roonunate, your parent, or some other person who knows you well and an- swer the questionnaire floor that person’s perspective. How did you do? Keep these results in mind as you cover the specific listening skills through— out this text. ...
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