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quiz1 and soln - Online Quiz #1 This quiz must be completed...

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Unformatted text preview: Online Quiz #1 This quiz must be completed by Saturday, Sept. 30 at midnight. All work should be your own, as per the honor code. In other words, you may use your notes but not your friends. You may retry all wrong answers once. 1. Assume there are 50 million passenger cars in the United States, and that the average fuel consumption is 20 miles/gallon of gasoline. If the average distance traveled by each car is 10,000 miles /year, how many gallons of gasoline would be saved per year if average fuel consumption could be increased to 25 miles/gallon? A. 5x106 B. 5x107 c. 5x10B D. 5x109 E. 5x10m 2. A ball is released from rest, and it rolls down a hill with constant acceleration. At the end of one second, it has traveled 3 meters. How far has it traveled at the end of four seconds? A.12m B. 16m C. 24m D. 36m E. 48m 3. A bullet is fired from a gun at ground level with a speed of 300 m/s. It hits the ground 3 s later. At what angle above the horizon was the bullet fired? (Ignore air resistance.) A. 3° B. 10° c. 30° D. 45° E. 80° 4. A river flows due east at 2 m/s. A boat crosses the BOO—meter wide river by maintaining a constant velocity of 10 m/s due north relative to the water. If no correction is made for the current, how far downstream does the boat move by the time it reaches the far shore? Whole number answer 5. A baseball leaves the bat with a speed of 40 m/s and an angle of 37° above the horizontal. A very high fence is located at a horizontal distance of 128 meters from the point where the ball is struck. Assuming the ball leaves the bat near ground level, how far above ground level does the ball strike the fence? Answer to one decimal place ll 55? x/oé’ .* . PFKVSICJS LH Z - #7 60WWdfl/S /0 3&0 MHz-x t; (n S.- l'k- [EQTICflLJ—DHQEQ‘mU in __ 412*-86 "9 “1 QM. 95:30) seam {it {— k W / 5:529:47 2/- _ - ,___ If 7775' Ear/C25“ /_C {as nae/Tax: v V I 3.7:: n ) J . ‘ _ .. ‘ 7 F V)“ I i I I w u r ,, - __ __ I _. ct, 933%flaiifl9fifl6fl c figr'é/cz?’ [57" I I 1f 574135 ...
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quiz1 and soln - Online Quiz #1 This quiz must be completed...

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