THTR 201 Midterm - THTR 201 MIDTERM Arshi, Imtiaz W#...

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THTR 201 MIDTERM Arshi, Imtiaz W# 00743379 Director of Dawn Juan Film Description: A girl is found in front of a house, where a party is taking place. The girl’s heartbeat is getting slower. She has three flashbacks, showing potential people who could have assaulted her, and left her in present situation. The flashbacks involve a guy she saw making a drug deal right outside the party, one of her girlfriends, and her boyfriend. After the third flashback, we go back to the original opening scene, and the girl’s heartbeat slowly fades until it stops. The girl is dead. Creating the Setting/World: As the director, I am trying to create two very specific and different visions of the world where the story occurs. The first vision involves the party at its current state, with the girl slowly but surely dying. In order to set the scene, and establish what is going on, the camera will be placed overhead the entire “crime scene,” slightly zoomed out, to give a big picture. This will help position the girl relative to the rest of the action. Different shots will be taken, one first showing the girl lying in the patch of grass, with the camera facing away from the house where the party is occurring. The next shot will face the house, and be placed lower towards the ground, a few feet above the body. These shots will be slightly lengthy, maybe 10 to 15 seconds long, and the camera will be mounted on a tripod to get a steady shot. Also, in each sequence, depending on which direction the
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This essay was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course THTR 201 taught by Professor Dizney during the Spring '07 term at Western Washington.

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THTR 201 Midterm - THTR 201 MIDTERM Arshi, Imtiaz W#...

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