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What is That Stuff Report

What is That Stuff Report - What is that stuff Chemistry...

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Jacob Herman June 13, 2007 What is that stuff? Chemistry 225 Laboratory Western Washington University Last modified 4/9/07
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Purpose To learn new analytical methods for the analysis of unknowns. By analyzing this unknown powder we will increase our analytical toolbox and understand how to integrate results from numerous tests. Results Unknown No. 2 Table I. Powder composition (in wt%) NaCl ± unc. KBr ± unc. AgNO 3 ± unc. CaCO 3 ± unc. 33.1 ± 0.7 22 ± 2 0 50 ± 50 The values of all the constituents were found by combining the results of anions present in the HPIC analysis and the cations found in flame AA into their molecular values. Since both methods are semi-quantitative a combination of the two methods should completely incorporate the true value. The analysis by HPIC and flame AA did not result in weight %’s that constituted the entire sample, instead they only represented 72%. Thus I forced the values to 100% while maintaining the ratio and also converting the uncertainty. This was necessary in order to combine these results with the XRD results. The values from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) were used as a qualitative analysis rather than for quantization because the method only analyzes the top ten angstroms from the surface while X-ray diffraction is a survey of the entire sample. Also the XPS provides an atomic weight % that is hard to analyze for compounds such as carbonate because of contamination from atmospheric O 2 and Carbon. One can mathematically compensate to some degree however with two other methods of analysis that are arguably more reliable it seemed wise to use it qualitatively.
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