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Stats 2-1 to 2-3 - Chapter 2 Variable-any characteristic of...

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Chapter 2 Variable -any characteristic of a population or sample that is of interest to us The values of the variable are the possible observations of the variable. The grades on a statistics exam The value of a stock Gender of students Data -the actual values of variables Quantitative(interval) -numerical values, such as heights, weights, incomes and distance. Values are real numbers and all calculations are valid. Qualitative(nominal) -categorical, can’t do arithmetic calculations on, such as marital status, political affiliation, gender. Can be numeric Can only do calculations based on frequency Ordinal -values are in order or are ranked. They may look to be categorical, but are actually in a specific order. Such as evaluating a course as poor, fair, good, very good and excellent.
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Graphical techniques for qualitative (nominal) data Frequency distribution : where the categories and their counts are presented, usually in a table.
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