Malware - Computer Hacking & Malware Early on, hackers...

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Early on, hackers committed pranks and small crimes. “Trophy hacking” – just to see how many computers they can get into as possible. “White-hat hackers” – they try to hack into a system just to see if they can do it – just for the fun of it “Black-hat hackers” – they use their knowledge to destroy information or for illegal gain “Script kiddies” – young, amateur, inexperienced hackers who sometimes use tools created by skilled hackers that they can find on the Internet any unauthorized access to computer systems is a crime 1970s: 1. John Draper ( “Captain Crunch” ) discovered that a whistle in a cereal box generated a tone identical to the one used by the US telephone network and was able to fool the telephone system into giving free access to long-distance telephone lines. Eventually, instead of blowing the whistle into a pay phone mouthpiece, Draper and other resourceful individuals developed “blueboxes”, electronic tone generators that could reproduce the full series of tones that the US telephone network used in its call-routing system, making it possible to call anywhere in the world for free. Since then, “phone phreaking ” has become a popular past time. April 27, 1987 2. Viewers of HBO in the US witnessed a historically significant event. Watchers of HBO’s transmission of The Falcon and the Snowman saw their screens go blank and the following message appear: Good Evening HBO from Captain Midnight. $12.95 a month? No way! (Show-time/Movie Channel, Beware!) The message lasted for about 4 minutes. It represented a protest against HBO’s decision to scramble its satellite signal so that backyard dish owners were forced to buy or hire decoders to view HBO’s programs. More significantly, it illustrated the vulnerability of satellites and other communications services to malicious interference. Once caught, Captain Midnight was sentenced to 1 year’s probation and a $5,000 fine. This incident was a mild annoyance to home viewers. In a broader issue, what if this guy was not just an angry satellite dish salesman but an international terrorist who was able to change the orbit of a satellite into the path of another satellite, many of which carry small nuclear reactors as a power source? (Satellites are directed from the ground by using radio signals to control the functioning of their small maneuvering engines.) Malicious Logic Programs, or Malware – Programs that get onto a computer without the user’s knowledge and does malicious, sometimes very harmful things to the computer system. Malware can come from websites that you visit – some are re-directs, some are just sites that you happen to visit. Malware includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, and other malicious unwanted
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Malware - Computer Hacking & Malware Early on, hackers...

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