test1ReviewSheet - RAM – what is it How much should you...

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Test 1 CHP 1 computer fluency computers in the workforce data mining RFID tags biomtric implants Physiome Project computer forensics smart shirts robotic devices technology of tomorrow nanoscience biomedical chip implants AI RFID biometrics Echelon scanners – OCR software flexible screens wearable screens bistable screens printers – speed, resolution, memory dot matrix ink-jet laser processor – what is it? Intel 4004, Intel family (or line) of processors system clock and clock speed, MIPS transistors, 32-bit processors, 64-bit processors Pentium D, Pentium M, Centrino, Core 2 Duo, Viiv, Celeron
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Unformatted text preview: RAM – what is it? How much should you have? DRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DIMMs cache memory – what is it? How much do computers have? motherboard hard drive (same as hard disk, hard disk drive) – what is it? How big are they (how much capacity)? interfaces – SATA spindle speed CD & DVD drives – speeds Blu-Ray vs HD DVD Expansion cards, expansion slots – PCI slot Bluetooth Wi-Fi USB, Firewire, DVI, S-Video Apple PowerPC processors – then Intel MacOS X – based on Unix Ethics Intellectual Property & copyright Fair Use rules Copyright court cases Kinkos Davy Jones Locker David LaMachia Napster CHP 8 cell phones SMS, MMS 3G, EDGE & EVDO PMP PDAs Smart phones tablet PCs GPS...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course CPSC 120 taught by Professor Cathyhochrine during the Fall '08 term at Clemson.

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test1ReviewSheet - RAM – what is it How much should you...

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