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reflection cpsci 1

reflection cpsci 1 - Stefan Friend CPSCI 120-03 Reflection...

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Stefan Friend CPSCI 120-03 Reflection 1 PC vs Mac With all of the advertisements bombarding the public it may be hard to decide what to believe. I know that when I looked at computers, for instance, I saw an advertisement saying that something was faster, or stored more and assumed it must be the best option. As with anything, I learned that investigating and understanding makes a huge difference, especially when putting out several hundred to a thousand dollars for a computer. In the computer science class we looked a little more in depth at the biggest rivalry in the industry: Microsoft versus Apple, PC versus Mac. I learned more about this high-powered battle for the computer industry then I even realized there was to know. For starters, you cannot trust to habit and assume that something about PCs or Macs is the same as it was 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even a few months ago. Both companies have continued to push the other to improve their products and the results are getting better all the time.
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