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El Guerrero y Sak - El Guerrero y Sak-Nict An old Mayan...

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El Guerrero y Sak-Nicté An old Mayan legend says that the balché is a delicious liquor that was created thanks to a beautiful history of love. A young maiden, Sak-Nicté, that signifies << Flor Blanca >>, Loved a warlike youth of its tribe, but the beauty of the maiden awoke the passion of an old and cruel overlord. The youths, fearful of to be separated by the rogue, they fled, seeking refuge in the forest of the Mayab. A day you left in search of almiento and found a honeycomb of bees of the one that extracted rich honey, the one that despositaron in the bark of a called tree Balché. During the night, the rain was mixed with the honey and little time later, that was transformed into an exquisite beverage. Nevertheless, the happiness of the young woman parega seemed to finish when
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