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CLASSICS 222—CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY SP08 MTWF 11:30-12:18 INDEPENDENCE HALL 100 REQUIRED TEXTS : Hesiod: Theogony, Works and Days, Shield (Athanassakis) The Homeric Hymns (Athanassakis) The Essential Homer: Selections from the Iliad and Odyssey (Lombardo) Sophocles: The Three Theban Plays (Knox and Fagles) Ovid: Metamorphoses (Feeney and Raeburn) Any readings outside these texts will be posted to Carmen as a PDF. All texts are available at either SBX or Long’s. Feel free to buy your books online, especially because many can be found at reduced costs. But please make sure you get the exact same editions and translations. TEACHING STAFF : Professor Ric Rader Office: 422 University Hall Office Hours: MW 10:30-11:18 Telephone: 688-4043 Teaching Assistants Steve Maiullo (Head TA) ([email protected]) Samuel Flores ([email protected]) John Richards ([email protected]) Corey Hackworth ([email protected]) Bridget Buccholz ([email protected]) Your Questions, Your Ideas, Your Feedback--Whom to Contact 1. Professor Rader will be delighted to discuss the content of his lectures and assigned readings with students in his office during his regular meeting hours or by appointment. But please do not send Professor Rader e-mail queries about scheduling, the website, or other matters such as those listed below. 2. Questions concerning clerical matters (enrollment, make-up exams, disabilities, etc.) should be directed to Steve. 3. Questions regarding the readings should be directed to the appropriate teaching assistant (that is, the TA who leads your section). The teaching assistants are available to help you understand the material, and it is advisable to seek their help if you are having difficulties. Please remember that seeing the right person will save both the teaching staff and the students time and possible misunderstandings. A face to face conversation is in all cases preferable to phone calls. It is fine to use e-mail for simple matters or to set up a time to meet with the professor or teaching
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assistant--but remember to leave adequate time for us to respond (at least 24 hours). Do not expect an email on the weekends.
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