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INTRODUCTION TO LAW Version 1 Research Assignment B This assignment should be completed individually. While you can work on this with a classmate and both give and receive assistance, you should make sure that you actually locate and read the statutes and cases for this assignment yourself. You should do your best to answer all of the questions. However, if you are not able to find an answer to a question, please note the steps that you took in trying to answer that question so you can get partial credit. While this assignment is not unduly difficult, you will need to spend at least two (2) or three (3) hours in the library and it may take you a bit longer if other classmates are also working on the assignment when you are there. Consequently, you should not leave this assignment until the last minute. Also, please make sure that you replace the books after using them so that others can be successful. I. RESEARCHING STATUTES – LOCATING A STATUTE WITH ITS CITATION: Massachusetts Statutes First Statutory Citation Problem: Look in either the West Annotated Massachusetts Statutes (the Green Volumes) or look in the Lawyer’s Cooperative Massachusetts Annotated Statutes (the Black Volumes- available in most local libraries). Find Mass. Gen. Laws Ann. ch. 265, §22 and ch. 265, §22A and ch. 265, §23 . Be sure you look in the “Pocket Part” (the supplement at the back of the volume you are looking at.) 1. Look at ch. 265, §22. What crime is defined by this statute? Summarize the statute and define the crime, with all of its elements, that is prohibited by this statute. When was this statute passed? (Look in the history section) 2. Look at ch. 265, §22A and §23. What conduct is prohibited by §22A (provide a summary of the statute)? Compare and contrast that to the conduct prohibited by §23 (provide a similar summary). Also, provide a comparison of the punishments outlined under each section. When was this statute passed? (Look in the history section) 3. Look at the “Notes of Decisions” under the main body of the statute found in ch. 265,
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§23. Are there any Massachusetts
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  • Law, Supreme Court of the United States, Massachusetts, Massachusetts General Court, Massachusetts Statutes, Annotated Massachusetts Statutes

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