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Summary September 4, 2007 In the article, “Bring Back Flogging”, Jeff Jacoby argues the need to reinstate flogging in modern society. Jacoby believes flogging will essentially correct the justice system and prove as the most effective solution to crime. He reminds us that the Puritan forefathers of Boston had no tolerance for wrongdoings. However, we currently practice more humane ways of discipline by imprisoning criminals. Likewise, the courts use imprisonment for nearly every criminal offense. Although we imprison criminals, crime continues to escalate uncontrollably and very few believe in the efficiency of the justice system. Due to an overcrowded criminal population in prison,
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Unformatted text preview: many criminals do not serve their entire sentence. Once criminals serve time, they leave prison more ruthless and use their time in prison to build their ego. Thus, flogging would prove more effective on criminals than prison and inexpensive. Therefore, we should learn from the Puritans, due to the severity of our crimes today than their crimes. Even though some people object to the idea of flogging, it provides itself as safer than what could happen to someone in prison. In essence, possibly the Puritans were years ahead of us and we ought to borrow a few of their philosophies on punishment....
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