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English 101 – SC07 29 November 2007 The Fight to Protect Our Country The United States of America were founded on the principles of hard work and tenacity to keep going forward in difficult times. Many of the citizens in America follow these principles and demonstrate their hard work everyday by possessing a job and doing the best of their abilities to support themselves. However, the issue of illegal immigration weakens the efforts put forth by the citizens of America and all of the actions of our immigrant ancestors. Our own ancestors left their countries to achieve success in America legally. Although in the modern world, many immigrants from other countries enter America at a rapid rate and enter the country illegally. By doing so, these illegal immigrants greatly impact the foundations for which America was built upon. Likewise, illegal immigration significantly hurts the United States economy. Thus, the United States government needs to act quickly in regards to this issue and it must act efficiently. America should strengthen its borders because illegal immigration costs Americans millions of dollars, takes away jobs, and endangers the safety of our country. The issue of illegal immigration drains the United States of hundreds of millions of dollars every year. By national law anyone born in this country automatically attains legal citizenship whether his / her parents are illegal immigrants or legal United States citizens. An ongoing problem in the country is that several “illegal alien women come to the hospitals in labor and drop their little anchors, each of whom pulls its illegal alien mother, father, and siblings permanent residency simply by being born within our borders” (Cosman, par. 13). Therefore, the offspring of illegal immigrant mothers automatically become citizens by being born in the country. By being a citizen, these children instantly qualify for public welfare aid. 1
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Also, the families cannot pay for the medical treatment which they received when in the hospital because they do not have any money. The government spends millions of tax dollars each and every year to support these people for breaking the law. Not only does this pose an unethical situation, but it also encourages additional illegal immigration in the country because others will see how America provides funding in these situations. Thus, by continuing to fund illegal immigrants, more illegal immigrants will see this as an opportunity to enter the country. The beneficial aspect to illegal immigrants is that they receive government benefits and welfare program money but do not have to pay taxes. In contrast, hardworking American citizens must pay more in taxes every year to allow funding for these illegal immigrants. Residing in
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immigration essay - 1 English 101 SC07 29 November 2007 The...

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