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psychological disorders essay - Bipolar Bipolar is a...

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Bipolar Bipolar is a psychological disorder also known as manic-depressive illness. This illness is a mood disorder. Therefore, people suffering from bipolar exhibit extreme mood swings. Some can start off by feeling miserable and vulnerable to experiencing heighten emotions with a sense of creativity and hyperactivity. Additionally, those experiencing bipolar possibly face a strain on family, termination from work, and difficulties with relationships. Bipolar is composed of two phases: mania and depression. The mania phase forces people to feel strong and filled with energy and self esteem. However at other times these people may be compelled to argue and seem ill-tempered toward everyone. Other symptoms include the urge to stay up all night and becoming distracted. These people may also talk very quickly. The other phase of they disorder is depression. In most cases this is more common of a feeling than mania. Those suffering the depression stage cry more than normal and experience sadness. Additionally they do not pay attention to their own hygiene and have difficulty sleeping or thinking. When in the depression stage people may develop eating disorders and lose interest in food or even friends and family. These people feel no self worth and may not see a point to living. These two phases occur in cycles which differ on how rapidly they occur in one’s life. In addition, bipolar can be very hard to detect because many people do no know they have it and there are no lab tests to detect it. Thus, doctors must use questionnaires to figure out if a patient exhibits bipolar tendencies. To treat the illness, doctors will prescribe medicine which can stabilize the mood swings of the patient. Insomnia Another psychological disorder similar to bipolar is insomnia. Those who suffer from insomnia have difficulty falling asleep which causes inadequate or a poor quality of sleep. They also experience complicatedness in maintaining sleep or end up waking up too early in the morning. Approximately one-third of America’s population suffers the
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psychological disorders essay - Bipolar Bipolar is a...

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