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PublicHealth_BiostatsAssignment1 - h Biostatistics Problem...

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h Biostatistics Problem Set #1 1. (A) Dam completed a cohort study because he identified groups of interest and then followed members of that group for a long period of time without implementing any type of treatment. (B) The study only recruited people with no history of diabetes at baseline because they wanted to see how caffeine affected the possibility of becoming diabetic. (C) This information is important because those are other factors affecting the possibility of becoming diabetic, they are confounding factors. 2. (A) DPP was a case-controlled study because they imposed a treatment. (B) The placebo group was needed to serve as a comparison for the treatment groups. It’s possible that the people receiving treatment could have becoming more health conscience or become less, thinking that because they were getting professional help they could let their health slip more. Therefore you need a placebo group to account for the possible changes in habit.
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