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President Bush President Bush was an odd man in stature. His shortness coupled with his large pointy ears made him look like an elf. Being dwarfed by his twelve body guards did not help. He looked meek and feeble compared to their dominating, tall, and built bodies. He spoke in incorrect grammar, asking questions like, “Is our children learning?” and then demanded our patriotism for is war, then soliciting donations while his gold rings glinted in his hands and a cross hanging from his neck so large it seemed to shout, “Jesus is my savior.” 1 He insisted the minorities stand in line with him so he did not look racist. Meanwhile his advisor, Cheney, stayed within whispering distance at all times. He was overconfident about his support and acted like he had won a throne not a presidency. Bush’s Tale Once upon a time, there was a great king of the mighty country Ricama whom all others bowed down to. He was a handsome Christian, and so wise, important men paid him large sums of money to consult with him. One day, he heard of great riches in a foreign land called Qari. Not that he cared about the riches.
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