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Chapter 5 Questions 5-2. If the LD50 of ingestion is appreciably lower than the LD50 by inhalation than that means that the substance is more toxic by ingestion than by inhalation. This could be that the gas form is not readily soluble meaning transfer from the lungs to blood stream is slow, or that there is some metabolic activity and rapid uptake in the gastrointestinal track which helps it more rapidly reach its target organ by ingestion than by inhalation. 5-6 The difference between the administered does and the target does is that the administered does is how much the body is exposed to and the target does is the amount which actually reaches the target organ. Administered does is more appropriate determinate of the does response curve because you don’t always know how much will
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Unformatted text preview: reach the target organ but you can generally get a pretty good idea of the amount of exposure. 5-20 This conclusion is unwarranted because epidemiological statistical studies cannot be used to prove causation. Only actually scientific experiments and clinical trials can prove causation. 5-21 5-30 Corg=BCFxCwater BCF= (10^2.51) mg/kg tissue per mg/L water Cwater= .1ppm x (1mg/L water)/1ppm= .1mg/L water Corg=(10^2.51 mg/kg tissue per mg/L water)(.1mg/L water) Corg= 32.4 mg/kg tissue Corg=32.4 mg/kg tissue x (1ppm/(1mg/kg)) Corg=32.4ppm The fish would not be acceptable for consumption because the concentration of Lindane in the tissue of the fish would be greater than the 4ppm limit....
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