Ageing Assign 2 Answers

Ageing Assign 2 Answers - 180.225-Why Should We Worry About...

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Unformatted text preview: 180.225-Why Should We Worry About AgeingAssignment II1)Defining youth dependency as the share of populations aged 1-18 over the share of population aged between 18-64 may not be as relevant or correct for certain countries than others. For example in France you are not allowed to hold a job until you are 18 ensuring that the older members of the population are able to secure jobs. Therefore, the definition of youth dependency is accurate because all money or items youth received come from the older working class of the country. In contrast, countries that are heavily into agriculture have their children working in the fields to help bring in income and food. Thus the children are helping to support themselves before they reach the age of 18. The United States is an example of a developed economy where youth start to support themselves before the age of 18. The minimum working age in the United States is 15 for most jobs, so starting at 15 teenagers are able to help support themselves and are not as large of a burden on their parents.2)I do not agree with the claim that the negative consequences of aging populations can be offset through a lower youth dependency. First, the resources expended on youth are often times an investment, for example education, which will have a return ten or twenty years down the line. Resources expended on the elder population will not be seeing a return on as...
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Ageing Assign 2 Answers - 180.225-Why Should We Worry About...

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