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Unformatted text preview: 1. a) The health effects associated with coal include shortness of breath, chest tightness, premature deaths, wheezing, painful breathing, decrease lung function (meaning your lungs won’t be able to move as much air in and out), tumor of the lung, and aggravated asthma which is when your lungs fill will mucus (phlegm). b) A quick study to do would be the next few coal miners that die you cut open their lungs and compare it to someone who has died in the countryside. Or you could take piglets born in the same litter and then place half in the city and half in the countryside, and compare their lifespan and what their lungs look like when they die. What you’re looking for is clear soot deposits and black lung. c) Other measures the King could enact to alleviate the air pollution problem would be to put a tax on coal, but quotas on how much each family could burn, have especially polluting industries such as cement mixing be moved out of the city, or plant more trees so that eventually England...
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