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Review Questions Chapt 10

Review Questions Chapt 10 - SC404.01 Review Questions...

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SC404.01 February 12, 2008 Review Questions Chapter 10 1. Briefly describe how gravitational contraction generates energy. When was it important in the Sun’s history? Explain. Gravitational contraction is the process in which gravity causes an objective to contract, converting potential energy into thermal energy. It was important in the Sun’s history because that is how it was thought to generate heat. 2. What two forces are balanced in gravitational equilibrium ? Describe how gravitational equilibrium makes the Sun hot and dense in its core. The two forces that are balanced are gravity pulling inward, and pressure pushing outward. The pressure is greatest deep in the core where the overlying weight is greatest, and this is the reason for the hot and dense core. 5. What is the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion ? Which one is used in nuclear power plants? Which one is used by the Sun? Nuclear fission is when a large nucleus splits into smaller particles, and nuclear fusion is when nuclei slam together and make one larger nucleus. Nuclear fission is used in power
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