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SC404.01 January 22, 2008 Page 75 Review Questions Chapters 3 2. Why did ancient people study astronomy? Describe an astronomical achievement of at least three ancient cultures. The ancient people studied astronomy in part, to satisfy their curiosity, but they also used the changing positions of the Sun, Moon, and stars to keep track of the time and seasons, and some cultures learned to navigate by the Sun and stars. Three astronomical achievements included determining the time of day, marking the seasons, and making lunar calendars. 5. What do we mean by a model in science? Briefly summarize the Greek geocentric model . A model in science is a conceptual representation whose purpose is to explain and predict observed phenomena. The Greek geocentric model was of the universe with a spherical Earth at the center of a great celestial sphere. 7. What was the Copernican revolution , and how did it change the human view of the universe? The Copernican revolution triggered the development of most modern science and
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Review Questions Chapt 3 - SC404.01 Page 75 Review...

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