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Portfolio Task #4: Paragraph Structure (5%) PART 1 – Evaluate a Paragraph Your Task:Read the two paragraphs below, which attempt to answer the following question: “Does remote learning represent a big change to post-secondary education?After you have read both paragraphs, use your knowledge of paragraph structure to answer the questions that appear on page 2. Use “Save As” to give the file a new name after you begin to ensure that you do not accidentally submit the blank template for grading. Paragraph AParagraph B In the fall of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has required teachers and students to work and study remotely. Teachers have been required to completely redesign their courses for a world where students are unable to enter the classroom. Course materials need to be repackaged to better suit online delivery. New assessments are needed so students can demonstrate their learning without supervision or access to class resources. Students face major changes in the remote learning
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