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2 nd Exam Study Guide POL2260 – World Politics Be familiar with the following terms and concepts—know the definition and be able to recognize examples: q paradigm q theory q core objectives q hard power q soft power q multilateral action q unilateral action q diplomacy q irredentism q poles of power q hegemon q zero-sum game Be able to recognize the details and significance of the following: q the Kellogg-Briand Pact q the Bush Doctrine q the ideas associated with the Enlightenment
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Unformatted text preview: movement q the levels of analysis in world politics q the logics of foreign policy we discussed in class q the perspectives of foreign policy decision making Know the basic assumptions of the following paradigms and the thinkers associated with them: q Realism q Idealism q Ecological paradigm Know the basic tenets of the following theories: q Classical Realism q Balance-of-Power theory q Hegemonic Stability theory q Neorealism q Classical Marxism q Imperialism q Dependency Theory q Classical Liberalism q Collective Security q Regime Theory q Neoliberalism/Liberal Institutionalism...
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