ancientchina4 - Quiz will be Wednesday, paper will be due...

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Quiz will be Wednesday, paper will be due on Monday… David keightley does not think that the oracle bones were primary sourees… he thinks they only are primary if they are written at the exact moment of the event with no editing… Book of songs versus the analects – which is more of a primary source… Advice about this paper: you will like word counts, professional writing involves word counts usually… So, lets talk asia… This is Confucianism week… We come from a religion where people expect people to be one religion… they don’t kill over religious beliefs in ancient china… crazy, I know… Lets talk about the period before Confucius… his teachings respond to a period of social change… The dates of the shang dynasty are 1766bc to…. “records of the grand historian” written in the 2 nd century BC… this was everything known about the past… Chinese people knew there was a distant past and they knew that things were always getting worse… there was an age of sage rulers… the opposite of European worldview which is one in which the world is always improving… Confucius is always talking about this period of earlier rule and wanting to recover lost virtues… Oracle bones were used by oracles to consult ancestors about the future… The zhou conquest of the shang dynasty was either 1122 bc or 1045 bc as is suspected in modern day… this lasts from 1045 to 256 bc… It is divided into the western zhou and the eastern zhou… in that chronological order… in
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ancientchina4 - Quiz will be Wednesday, paper will be due...

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