April 1898 - 1 April 1898 US History 104 2 In April 1898 a...

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April 1898 US History 104 1
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In April 1898 a variety of things happened. The most important being that America declared war on the Spanish. In fact, the newspapers seem to just talk about the Spanish and the war. It is not a particularly violent month. Locally, as always, there is some news. It seems to be dwarfed by the rising tensions between the United States and the Spanish. Advertisements abound in the paper and there is always a financial section, which tells of the general state of the economy. The month has some interesting stories in it but none of them are comparable to the main story throughout the month, the rising tensions with and eventual war with Spain. First, the local news that seemed to be inconsequential next to the international news. Corporate scandals are the biggest stories locally in New York. The most prolific being a city works scandal. The main charge brought against F.G. Isles was bribery. The bribery was directed towards a grand jury trying the city works for another unmentioned charge. Another big story in the paper was that New York City was revamping its education system. They increased their spending to $10,009,189.94. The money was to be spent on getting better teachers and new facilities. Another big story was a car wreck. It was possibly one the very first to ever happen in New York too. A trolley hit a car at high speeds. Nowadays, car wrecks aren’t even mentioned in the news unless it is a big
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April 1898 - 1 April 1898 US History 104 2 In April 1898 a...

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