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The Jungle - Floyd 1 Cody Floyd Christopher Trobridge...

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Floyd 1 Cody Floyd Christopher Trobridge History 2301 September 16, 2007 The Jungle Book Report The Jungle by Upton Sinclair is a horrific story of a Lithuanian family searching for the “American Dream”. The family struggling to make ends meet has to work in a slaughter house to cover the costs of their wedding feast. The slaughter houses in “Packingtown” are back-breaking labor and are extremely dangerous. Filled with corrupt bosses and crime throughout the immigrant community many families struggle to survive. However the newly formed idea of socialism brings many of the immigrant workers together. Jurgis Rudkus and his bride Ona Lukoszaite hold a wedding feast or in Lithuanian a “veselija”. The party costs well over a hundred dollars and many of the guests leave without helping pay the tab. The party drags on however with the limited jobs in Packingtown the men stand to lose their jobs with any false move. As the narrator proclaims “If one of them be a minute late, he will be docked an hour’s pay, and if he be many minute late, he will be apt to find his brass check against the wall, which will send him out to join the hungry mob that waits every morning at the gates of the packing houses, from six o’clock until nearly half-past eight.” (Sinclair 60). The demand for jobs amongst the immigrants is so high that even children and women are forced to do the dangerous, painstaking work for little pay.
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Floyd 2 Optimism is the only thing that can help these immigrants through these hard times. The
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