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1 st Marine Habitats and Sea Life Traditional Custodians o Sophisticated coastal culture- nets, huts, canoes, complex relationships with nature, resource management systems. Exploration o Dutch, China, Indonesia and Spanish arrived early 1600s. All said that country was worthless and uninhabitable. o English came in late 1600s and settled here. Maritime Resources o Oil and gas o Fisheries and Aquaculture o Pearls o Tourism Leisure o Beaches o Swimming o SCUBA o Fishing 2 nd Marine Env. And Tide and Waves The World Oceans o 70% of the earth’s surface is water o All oceans connected o Barriers to water exchange and movement of org. are temp., salinity and depth o Oceans in continuos circulation o Wind stress, corriolis force- Gyres Surface o Thermohaline currents Deep o Benthic- on sea bed o Light reduces 1 degree productivity of benthic plants o Pelagic- up in water column- middle water area o Currents- surface circulation by winds that are deflected by rotation of the earth. Oceans of Australia o Temp is warm and counterclockwise o Solar- NEAP current o Latitude- affects current o Solar tide is ½ the height of lunar tide o Winter- warm and dry o Summer- hot and wet o Salinity- Saltiness of water o Low salinity = high turbulence o Lowest near rivers o Low salinity= death of coastal coral and seagrass Waves o Tide gravity and Wind generated waves
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o Wave Action- shores sheltered by coral reef are generally surf free. o There is wave action on the outer margins of reefs o Spring Tides- occur with new moon o When the sun shines through the moon o 2 weekly alignment of Moon and sun o Neap Tides- occur with quarter moons
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Mars_Midterm_Studyguide - 1st Marine Habitats and Sea Life...

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